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Remote Employee Tracking Employee Monitoring Solution

Strengthen your security, improve productivity and manage compliance with Teramind, a single and scalable employee monitoring solution. Dataforge is a certified Teramind representative for businesses in the GTHA. We will implement, train, and support your business with full product knowledge and peer-to-peer small business understanding.

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    What does Teramind do?

    Behavioral Analytics, Data Insights & Enforcement all in one very clever solution

    Teramind Starter
    Session monitoring essentials provides Employee Monitoring so you can stay of insider threats to sensitive data. Includes basic user behaviour analytics to reveal details behind how your workforce operates. Session recording provides visibility into workforce operations and enhanced security and forensic investigations with video session recordings of user activities.

    Teramind DLP
    Protect your sensitive data against malicious and unintentional threats from inside your organization. Understand employee work patterns so you can train future hires to replicate correct operational procedures. Teramind also detects unusual behaviours using machine learning analytics.

    Fraud Detection
    Protect your company and your customers from falling victim to fraudulent activity by detecting and preventing data misconduct before it happens.

    Remote Employee Monitoring
    Secure your company data against loss via your remote staff working in vulnerable remote environments.

    Teramind UAM
    Enhance your monitoring capabilities with best-in-class user behaviour analytics. Robust and detailed user activity monitoring for insider threat detection, productivity optimization and employee monitoring.

    Business Process Optimization
    Redefine the way your organization operates by getting behavioural data to boost efficiency and change processes with precision. Uncover ineffective, time and resource wasting steps in the work process. Teramind’s data collection and analysis gives managers and administrators a deep understanding of work processes to uncover inefficient and effective systems.

    Scalability & Deployment Flexibility for SMBs
    Flexible deployment and scalable user activity monitoring for SMBs. We can deploy Teramind on-premise or via public or private cloud to meet your business’s needs and compliance requirements. Monitor only the amount of endpoints you require and add users as your business grows.

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