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We have a few customers whose businesses are still deeply rooted in Sage’s Business Vision. Sage is starting to move most of their current customers over to Sage 300, and as a result, small business teams are starting to look at alternatives. Here is what I’ve personally witnessed from our customers who evaluate Spire.

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Spire is a modern accounting and inventory management solution that can give you what Sage Business Vision is missing. Spire is fast and dynamic. Spire also has built in tools to help your business migrate from Sage Business Vision over to Spire. There is really no drawback from what we can see. We’ve demoed it and looked under the hood. It’s a solid solution that has been thoughtfully developed.

Where are you going to put it?

Once a business has decided to go with Spire, the next question is, “Where are you going to put it?” Putting it in the cloud is questionable as most people want to know where their customer data is at all times, and who has access to it. And how is your data going to be backed up? There is a very real possibility that it’s not getting backed up at all.

Image of the back of a Dataforge fully managed server, cables

A Dataforge fully managed server

Dataforge servers are the Solution

At Dataforge, we run our own servers, in-house. We can set up, install and migrate your current servers to one of our managed servers, allowing you to get all the benefits of Spire AND have your server managed correctly. We take care of everything and we don’t outsource anything. We can rent you the servers, have you buy it and we manage it, or you can lease it. There are a variety of options that allow you to get a proper server that is managed by an effective (and local!) IT team.

Monthly Checks with Automation

We have been running servers for over 20 years now, so we created our own monitoring software that checks physical and virtual servers continuously for any issues and errors. We have members of our team review backups daily and servers monthly. Your Dataforge server will be set up correctly the first time and fully managed over its lifetime.

We can help you plan your move to Spire

Our team is constantly handling IT projects and migrations. We know how to handle new servers, local servers, migrations and IT projects in general. We keep you informed and help you every step of the way. We aren’t a churn-and-burn style of IT. Dataforge is focused on the low and slow IT model that hinges on awesome communications with our customers.

See how you could use Spire and get support from a better-managed service provider.

Let’s talk about Spire and servers – call us at 905-632-9918