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AI For Business

Are you looking for practical applications for using AI in your business? After spending some time with the chatbot ChatGPT3.5 and now ChatGPT4, I thought I would share my ideas for some straightforward uses for AI for small to medium-sized businesses.

Given that the new GPT Builder is baked into ChatGPT, custom systems can now be designed on the fly. Coupled with internet access, these custom systems can be very powerful once some additional tuning has been done.

Companies can design, develop and tune their own AI systems for certain functions in the enterprise. Unlike general data systems, this allows for incremental development that can be used quickly.

Dataforge currently uses AI for the following: Product estimate creation and pricing, Programming assistance and code completion.

Accounting Expense Distributions

I think AI has a real use here. It can be used to read receipts that are scanned by a phone into the system and then identify the type of receipt. After that, it shouldn’t have an issue allocating the receipt to the correct expense account. In the very near future, I think there is a big role for AI to play in the accounting and bookkeeping realm.

Estimating With AI

Once tuned, AI does have the capacity to understand complex functions like estimating. It can learn partially by example and then be tuned by professionals. Even if AI can do this at an intermediate level, it would still save a lot of time so the human professionals may just have to adjust. Also, as they will make adjustments the AI continues to learn.

As I write this I am having the AI builder system design an AI to do concrete slab estimates. The builder is a new addition to Chat GPT4.

Product / Service Knowledge

AI systems will excel at this. I have called many companies for a quick inquiry on products or services and it took days to get a response. If an AI is loaded and trained on your company information, it should (with some tuning) be very efficient at even complex queries.

Engineering Assistant

I have personally witnessed AI being used as an excellent assistant to engineers, helping them with everything from math equations to programming code.

In conclusion, now that ChatGPT has internet access and a builder application, we are beginning to witness some of the real benefits of AI in business. Right now, for Dataforge, AI is best used in areas where it can be implemented quickly and provide time savings and organizational help. Dataforge allows AI to grow naturally though our firm as we find new places where it can be implemented using an incremental approach.

Do you have questions about the potential of AI to your business? Let’s talk about it.