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We don’t just understand technology.
We understand people.

Your unique IT needs require unique IT solutions.

At Dataforge we believe that communication and understanding are the core of real IT services. You know the expression, “You don’t know what you don’t know”?
Our purpose starts with knowing what’s happening in the world of business technology – the potential threats, capabilities and implications of new and emerging technologies.

When a new piece of technology is released, there are those who want to use it for good, and the bad guys who want to exploit it for their own gain. New hardware, software and every update becomes a race to secure information or find and infiltrate a vulnerability. We know this, and that’s what we’re here for.

Our History

IT support and leading edge technology solutions

Back in 1996 the internet was just beginning. At the time, Dan Forsyth was finishing high school and was very active in computers. Storage, Backup, Networking, Internet and Programming were his areas of focus.  That year, the Halton Board asked him to design and build a 50 node network for their adult education program. It was an exciting project and also quite unique. As university approached Dan’s father asked him “What do you want to do?” and they both decided “Let’s see if we can start a business”. His dad picked up the Burlington Business Directory and started making daily calls. 

According to Dan, “We made friends with a local internet service provider here in Burlington where we gained a lot of networking and internet experience.

We assisted them with a technical restructuring that ended up helping them in the future sale of the business for a great price valuation. Back then, it was just me and my dad. I really enjoyed those early years with the customers. Many of them still work with us today. We have built a great team and I have learned to appreciate that working as a team is a lot more rewarding as we are able to do even more for our customers.”

Today, Dataforge serves clients across the region, providing both traditional IT support and leading edge technology solutions for a wide range of customers. Dan confides, “It was exciting to be in an emerging industry when we started, and with the rapid changes happening right now, it’s still as exciting as ever. We love what we do. I think our customers can tell.”

Our Team

Dan Forsyth


Luigi Tornabene


Adam Ross

Senior Infrastructure Manager

Tyler Watts

Lead Front Line Support

Michael Pearman

Front Line Support