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Dataforge launches a new brand and website that reflects our past experience and our vision for the future.

Welcome to our new website. It presents our new brand direction with a beautiful new UX providing more information about our services and expertise. If this is your first time visiting us, we invite you to get in touch. You’ll discover this is just one of the ways we are different in the world of managed IT – we want and encourage in-person interaction with clients and those seeking our services. If you are a returning visitor or a long time client of ours, we hope you enjoy the new brand and website experience.

Dataforge started back in 1996, just as the world started to use the internet. We’ve been there to provide technology support from the beginning. It was time for us to celebrate our history and double down on our commitment to the future. This is reflected through our new brand and website.

The Brand Core

Dataforge is rooted in two themes: technological expertise and human connection. At the core of Dataforge, there is a clear communication that we are experts. We are reliable, confident and knowledgeable. We can be trusted with extremely valuable and consequential work. Next to that theme, though, there is an understanding that we are human beings. We don’t feel above others, and we strive to understand our clients and their unique needs. We deal in technical expertise, as well as understanding and respect. That humanity mixes with our ability to create something unique and special. That’s why we can do what we do, and why we have done it for so long.

The Logo

The new Dataforge logo is professional, sleek, clear and approachable. It evolved from the brand core into a visual representation of clarity, understanding and forward momentum. It’s modern without leaning on trends of the era, and it strives to be reliable and long-lasting – much like the work we do.


The Dataforge icon is a heavily abstracted monogram of the letters “d” and “F” held together by a circular container. The icon evokes the feeling of the digital world without being too cliché or alienating. It just… feels kind of pixelated. The corners are softened to take the harshness out of the form, and the offset counterform in the “d” is highlighted by the brand’s yellow to create a small, bright focal point in the design. It’s a spark – an idea – or a single bit of data that everything else it built off of.

Working with Muse

Dataforge worked with Muse Marketing Group to develop our new branding and website.The folks at Muse have helped us to both understand and appreciate what makes Dataforge unique, and how our company stands apart in our specialized areas of service. Their refreshing process helped get us to here – a new bold look for Dataforge, one that truly aligns with who we are and who we want to be as we continue to grow.

Thank you to all our amazing clients and partners for joining us on this journey, and a special welcome to our new and future customers.

The Dataforge Team